My name is Meghan, pleasure to meet you! I am a self-taught knitter and university-taught artist that lives and breaths all things colorful, texture-ful and magical. There is just something about a handmade piece that makes my heart sing. 

My very supportive husband & I reside in Charlotte, NC. We live in our own version of a little cottage with our sweet son & our two sassy little pugs. We try to fill our days with as much laughter, hugs & smiles as we can (easy to do with a toddler & pugs in the house)! 

Knitter. Dreamer. Adventurer.

I grew up in a house with a magically creative Mom, who, along with raising 3 children, made a living hand sewing/making items & selling them at all the local craft markets. She instilled in me the desire to create & taught me to truly appreciate the value of the handmade community. I woke up one day a few years back & realized that I was unknowingly following in her footsteps & was not only abundantly proud of that fact but grateful that she showed me such an amazingly colorful childhood & taught me to never lose the sense of magic that the world around us possesses, if we just keep our eyes open to it. 

I feel drawn to pretty much all hands on, tactile crafts - sometimes it's so hard to choose - if only there were more hours in the day. Knitting, though, stands out to me & has since the beginning. It started as just a side hobby to fulfill that ever-burning desire to create with my hands, but it has since evolved into much more of a driving force in my life. Pair that force with my love for tiny plump things & you get Pleasantly Plump Knits.!! 

I love being completely involved in every aspect of my little handmade business. From creator, knitter, embroiderer, button sewer to photographer, shipper & customer service - wearing so many different hats makes for an interesting day, every day!